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My Sister
You are one of the strongest, most beautiful women I know.
in life's greatest adversities, you've held your own, and held your head high.
Even when life seemed to throw you a curve ball you'd hit it out of the park.
when your horse faltered beneath you, you got off and started walking.
The smile on your face reminds me that it's alright to be different, and that it's okay to dare
The past few months have been hard, I know, but you've reminded me what it is to be alive, to feel and to love.
When I was younger, we walked a path together. Hand in hand you led me down the straight and narrow, letting me avoid the thorns and branches, letting them graze and scratch your face leaving scars a mile long that I never understood why exactly they were there.
I tried to pick you up when you fell but you whispered "no" and got up by yourself.
we may not walk this same path anymore, but I still follow that old trail looking at the marks we left behind.
And whenever I hear someone say "I just can't d
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 0 0
Line of Love
Don't fall in love with me.
I'm damaged, broken goods.
What will it take for you to see,
Everything that you should,
Because it'll only end in heartbreak,
You're love life is at stake.
I can't control my mind,
It works in mysterious ways,
But only if I could find,
A way to make your memory stay.
I'm lost in a sea of my tears,
Your bringing out the worst of my fears.
There's a line between love and lie,
What we have is something I'm scared of,
But I'm letting our time pass us by,
I've been asking the heavens above,
For any kind of sign,
That you could be mine.
Please don't be angry and cry,
I'm doing the best that I can,
Our love will never die,
This is part of the overall plan,
The human destiny,
For you to be with me.
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 2 2
There she is,
Her with the stars on her chest.
Her curves protruding out,
Like the sickened animal she portrays.
Owning what is known as the hip,
The Fashionable.
But what is fashion?
It's a carbon copy of an opinion.
A heinous act of self judgment,
And much to the media's shagrin,
I will not take part.
I am my own,
Not a fake,
Not a follower,
Not a leader.
Just me.
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 1 0
Standing at the edge of eternity,
The world turns in an hour,
The water laps the gentle soul of the universe,
And leaves the shores to be imagined.
As days roll by, and time stands still,
We are ready for the darkness to come,
I'll bring my candle, burning with the fire of the sun,
And you'll bring the torch,
To light our way through.
Until the time for us has come,
We will stay together,
United as a nation,
Together as one.
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 0 0
Couplet Study
I Love You (Broken Couplet Study)
I look up at the sky,
With eyes brand new,
But it all just passes me by,
Like an endless deja-vu.
The oil is parched and dry,
Drier than bamboo,
I'm waiting for the sky to cry,
To bid the sun Adieu.
And then to breathe a sigh,
of relief, just don't misconstrue,
I can't deny the way I feel for you,
I have not gone awry,
My feelings are true,
To you I cannot lie,
I love you.
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 0 2
Oh wise willow,
Whisper to me in the sweet breath of Demeter.
Sing to me your sorrowful lamentation,
It's the swan song of the wood.
Wiser than the owl,
Sadder than the withered rose,
Your tears reach the earth in forms unknown,
Your warnings ring louder than the poplar,
And I recognize your esteemed face,
Wrapped in regal leaves.
Oh wise willow,
Tell me your story.
Older than the mighty oak,
Of how you came to be.
Tell me of your first memories,
Of the joys of your youth,
And of the young lovers that stood upon your roots.
In ages gone by.
Oh willow,
I fear your time will soon be at its end.
Like the most beautiful rose,
You too must wither and die.
Paint your song,
That last lament,
In colours of crimson and orange,
In the circles of earth below.
Your time has come.
Sleep fair willow,
And let your blossoms flower.
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 0 0
Self Reflection
Dear Jenny,
Tomorrow will be,
All about finding yourself,
The lies you've told,
You've come to believe,
You're only hurting yourself.
For Danny,
It's time to question, all that you've come to believe,
Are you happy,
Telling yourself it'll all,
Work out in the end,
Aren't you tired yet?
Everyone has a story,
Everyone has a tear,
It's all about believing,
Self esteem is your peer,
Not your weapon,
The greatest revenge is success,
Not failure,
Never settle for less.
Don't try to impress your folks,
They love you,
Even though they don't know,
You've come undone,
And that isn't fair.
To Sammy,
Never give up,
This is who you're going to be,
This is the first day,
Of the rest of your life.
Everyone has a story,
Everyone has a tear,
It's all about believing,
Self esteem is your peer,
Not your weapon,
The greatest revenge is success,
Not failure,
Never settle for less.
Dear self,
Stop trying to impress yourself,
You'll only do me harm,
Take a page out of your own books,
And smile about
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 0 5
Broken Lines
Between the broken lines of memory
Resides the inner sanctum of soul
and variety of wonder and love
testing the lustful and the reality
that sinks in far too late for a safety net.
Get back to once upon a times
where cobbled streets kept secrets safe
and unsteady beams held all truth
that built up the lies of yesteryear.
Welcome to life, the uncanny exuberance
and euphoric depressant that it is
walking along the unmended sideways
and unchanging boarders
wonder and stare at passerby glances
waking to a world unknown to common folk and tale
green and envious of those troublesome
and timid shapeless lamplights that flicker
and fade away.
Unhappy rose, you whither when you
catch sight of moonlight serenades
and sneeze at the able
passing by the envious again
in new light.
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 1 3
I'll try not to lie to you,
But even I don't know,
What to believe anymore.
I've been telling myself for years,
To learn to let go,
To learn to live.
This man that you knew,
Is nothing but an illusion,
Time to face the damn music,
How can I learn to live,
With my heart under my sleeve,
Where no one can see it.
This is my secret melody,
Lock away the harmony,
This time,
It's my time,
To let you know,
To let you show,
Your soul.
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 0 0
You walked out the door,
Out of my life,
You only think about yourself,
Leaving me for someone else,
To become a trophy wife.
Was the morning after worth it?
Come crawling back,
Slam me down,
Shut me out,
See yourself for who you really are,
You little whore,
So tell me,
Was he worth it?
Bitching to me about your latest guy,
Like I should care,
Because you denied me,
I have nothing left,
Not now,
Not ever,
But one question still burns,
Through my mind.
Was I ever worth it?
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 0 7
Walking down the street, he saw a familiar sight. The sight in fact, was the entire reason of the short lived trip. He sighed as he stopped in front of the old house, now boarded up, and shoddy from no one living in it for years. He laughed as he remember all the good times had in the house, and those that were from way outside the house.
Taking the old skeleton key from his pocket, he walked up the front steps and put the key in the lock. Taking a deep breath before he turned the key. After hearing the faint click sound, he pushed open the door, and found himself in the foyer of the ancient home. It`s wallpaper was peeling, and the wooden floors were starting to rot. He smiled as he crossed the threshold and up the stairs to where he once lived with his best friends.
He lit a candle he found on the hallway floor, most likely from one of the many sconces on the old walls, and found his old room. It was in the newer portion of the house. He had once wanted to live in the older part, but
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 1 5
Do You Know Me?
Comfort control,
Come and find me,
Censor me with your,
Blurry faces,
Your black bars.
But you can't hide my truths!
You make me out,
To be a racist,
A junkie.
But do you know me?
How can you judge me?
You don't know me,
Do you?
I am not a racist,
I am not prejudiced.
I am a white man.
And I'm damn proud.
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 0 1
Your love is a sorrow to me,
Like lamplight flickering,
On and off,
Off and on.
But truly I am yours,
Mind body and soul.
How could I have been so
How could I not have seen,
The way you looked at me,
On that very last day,
We embraced with a promise,
Already broken,
Never to see eachother again.
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 1 7
The Plea
My Heart is bleeding,
Because you broke it.
Fix what you have done,
and stay with me forever.
My eyes no longer shine,
Because I have cried,
and drained away my tears,
Waiting for you.
My hands no longer feel,
Because you are gone,
And no one hugs me,
Like you used to.
My nose does not smell,
Because your ,sent is lost,
And I am alone,
You are not around,
And my mouth is dry,
From begging you to listen,
To my plea,
While you walked out the door.
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 0 6
The One
When I was young,
My mother always told me,
I'd find the one of my dreams,
I never believed her.
Now I'd be lying,
If I said she was wrong,
Because I found you,
You are my "ONE"
Please say I am yours.
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 0 5
The Cooler Heart
Caring and sharing our hearts made gold,
Our possessions and luxuries piled quite high,
We wiggle and wave in the face of the bold,
Where people in the dark cold alleyways lie.
The heart of man, with wild burning lust,
For love and touch and a human word.
Swirling around our heads like a winds gust,
Gliding beautifully by like a great song bird.
Man has a heart of fire burning bright,
And kindled by the word of love,
Shining brilliantly with white light,
Descends down to us, like a dove.
:iconnarcatus:Narcatus 2 8


It's all the subtle change by tesiacoil It's all the subtle change :icontesiacoil:tesiacoil 4 0 Sheep Icon by barkingaardvark Sheep Icon :iconbarkingaardvark:barkingaardvark 2 0
So she dances.
She wore the dress, always.
As a lonely princess in a tall tower. Separated by the lives of the world. Day after day she’d watch the kids go by. Desperate for affection, fear of rejection, she waited. Passers by have never noticed her accomplishments. She’s just another name on a dilapidated wall. Empty words on a gray background.
They fail to notice her dreams, her ambitions, her talents; her existence. Does anyone even know who she is?
So she buys the fabric, the scissors, the needles, the string. She will prove herself to the world. Through song? Through dance? Through love of her dreams. The material was cut with the finest precision, the fabric was chosen with great care.
As the needle graced across the fabric, the sun peeked in through the corners of her eyes. Her heart blazed as wild flame through brush. Nearing completion slowly each day, she worked day and night. She bled into the dress each day. Her blood was the thread, the fabric was her soul. The work, her life.
:iconendohmiharu:EndohMiharu 4 4
Happy Easter by barkingaardvark Happy Easter :iconbarkingaardvark:barkingaardvark 1 7 Forest of frost by barkingaardvark Forest of frost :iconbarkingaardvark:barkingaardvark 3 8
L'Imagination D'amour.
     I awoke on the wings of a dream as my body soared into consciousness. It was quiet outside as the cool grass graced across my feet. The gentle breeze whispered to the distance of my faded memories. The stars shone brightly through the velvetey black ocean. Oncoming welcoming darkness embraced my soil with warm hands.
     I threw my tired body onto the ground. My eyes became fixated on the miniature suns above. All is well. The troubles of the world wash away and bleed out onto the winds of time. This is heaven; it has to be.
     Knowing that the hot summer nights will cease, this will be the last night that I am under the stars. When the autumn leaves fall victim to the winter chills, only one thing stands in the way.
     You melt the ice on my heart, you are the antifreeze to my veins. Everytime I fall apart, you are always there, gathering up
:iconendohmiharu:EndohMiharu 5 7
black and white record player by softspokenmc black and white record player :iconsoftspokenmc:softspokenmc 212 38 The Sun and The Moon by darkraiser The Sun and The Moon :icondarkraiser:darkraiser 10 19 Discovering the waterfront. by EndohMiharu Discovering the waterfront. :iconendohmiharu:EndohMiharu 1 7 Let it rain. by EndohMiharu Let it rain. :iconendohmiharu:EndohMiharu 1 11 Bowl Cut. by EndohMiharu Bowl Cut. :iconendohmiharu:EndohMiharu 2 11 An Avenger's Day Off. by EndohMiharu An Avenger's Day Off. :iconendohmiharu:EndohMiharu 8 28 .MISSING YOU. by evol1314 .MISSING YOU. :iconevol1314:evol1314 88,547 9,492 Rain. by EndohMiharu Rain. :iconendohmiharu:EndohMiharu 1 7 Fire Shadow. by EndohMiharu Fire Shadow. :iconendohmiharu:EndohMiharu 14 40 Only one more lick Puppy by Tabikat Only one more lick Puppy :icontabikat:Tabikat 18 12



This is my art, for you to enjoy
Favourite genre of music: Electronic/synth
Operating System: Safari
I feel that I am at a cross roads.

I have been on a wild ride since I started this deviantart account. I have gone from hopeful artist, to anime inspired art, to teen angst poetry, to literature, to creative poetry, to spoken word.

Spoken word...

I am trying to find myself in this type (no pun intended) of poetry.

Spoken word is a very interesting media because it allows one to make mistakes, to write and re-write without editing or changing the ending.
I write with a stream of consciousness these days that allows my brain to empty out all matter into my pen, and that pen allows me to create some of my best pieces, and most of my worst.
I hope you all continue to join me in my poetry maddness, and understand what the direction I take means. It's not a reinvention, it's finding exactly where I need to be.


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